The ludic semantics in the initial education and current teachings


  • Mina De Santis Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Lorella Lorenza Bianchi


This work is part of a collaborative research / project training in the field of initial and
in-service teacher training, in particular, the exploration of the formational activity and
updating, related to the laboratory activity in the classroom and / or section, for the development
of recreational teaching skills, in order to identify relevant criteria in the construction
of a playful semantics of initial training. A process-based approach, which is
not limited to analysing only the components of ludic teaching, but also the modes of
operational and contextual transposition of playing, from the contexts in which it originates,
to the school contexts, to enhance the educational dimension and the self-aware
adult experience, to orient towards the reflexivity and the experimentation of the game,
as a peculiarity of the teaching professionalism. The objective of the research is to educate
and self-educate on playing, to understand the trajectories of development, within
the variegated world of education, for a phenomenologically founded ludic education.



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