The self-assessment of scientific skills to promote orientation of students in secondary school


  • Liliana Silva Pensa MultiMedia Editore


This contribution will highlight the role of self-assessment and self-regulation in improving
knowledge and skills, according to a perspective of acquisition of autonomy and responsibility
by the students within the framework of scientific competences. The
research aims to investigate these skills in a sample of over 130 secondary school students
in the province of Bologna, through a self-assessment test of skills in natural sciences
and a questionnaire related to scientific attitudes. The test and the questionnaire
have been planned through the collaborative work of university scholars and secondary
school teachers related to the Piano Lauree Scientifiche Project, supported by a researcher
with docimological competences. In addition to planning and validation, first
results obtained in the test and in the questionnaire by the students will be presented
as well as a discussion on the training and self-regulatory use of the obtained results.