Service Learning and School Work-Alternation: a possible link to mature the Soft Skills required by the world of work. An exploratory survey


  • Orlando De Pietro Pensa MultiMedia Editore


The labor market, in addition to specific professional skills, requires workers to master
Soft Skills. Hence the need to qualify an education system that allows to acquire the disciplinary
skills and the necessary skills to live and govern the complexity in its characterizations
of uncertainty and less predictability. A didactic methodology that can favor
the maturation of Soft Skills is Service Learning (SL). The exploratory survey presented
here is based on the hypothesis that the SL can help students to mature the Soft Skills
to be used also in the world of work. The survey also allowed to detect the close relationship
between SL, Soft Skills maturation and School-Work Alternation (SWA) programs,
highlighting the need to integrate the activities of SL with those of the SWA to
mature the variety of Soft Skills.