Student Response Systems as a successful tool for formative assessment: students’ perceptions in a university pilot study


  • Corrado Petrucco Pensa MultiMedia Editore


Student Response Systems (SRS) are increasingly used in Universities and schools around the world. In Italy, they have only been in use for a few years, but are spreading rapidly thanks to the fact that they can be used as simple, free Apps on students’ smartphones. SRSs have had positive feedback from both students and teachers, especially in terms of enhanced engagement
and attention, peer interaction, and potential for formative assessment. The results of a pilot study in a university Educational Technology program have shown that students greatly appreciate SRSs. Above all, they would like to use SRSs as a “learning check”. In particular, they stated that they have a very positive perception of the feedback provided by the teacher, which help them gain a better understanding of the most important concepts of the topics covered. This interaction process helps the teacher to develop a formative assessment process that must, however, be managed
and prepared with care.