CLIL, a winning methodology from the perspective of lifelong learning


  • Anna D'Alessio Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Annamaria Petolicchio
  • Rosanna Tammaro


Since CLIL has been introduced in regular school curricula, it has certainly represented a great challenge for teachers. But…what is exactly CLIL? CLIL is a didactic methodology, compulsory for secondary schools, that includes the study of at least a subject in a foreign language as part of the national curriculum. In Italy it is conceptualized as language training policy within the wider discourse of European plurilingualism. The article is aimed at describing the most important steps of this innovation, with its implications for teachers, students and policymakers.
After a brief overview of the European and Italian laws and the main theoretical frameworks, we will try to describe the current status of this methodology, its characteristics, its objectives and the roles of the actors involved.



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