School and families facing each other, for an inclusive coevolution Building educational alliances to understand the fragile X Syndrome

  • Elisabetta Ghedin
  • Simone Visentin
  • Rinalda Montani


This paper discusses a training proposal made in community with parents of children with Fragile X Syndrome, teachers and educators (for a total of 15 participants) who experience daily difficulties of listening and meeting between the different contexts in which children and young people are to live.
The starting point is the awareness of the risks of a closer everyday activities and responsibilities of educational care: what is important for the student well-being? What factors facilitate my educational act? Who can help me to identify the barriers in learning, teaching, and participation that make it much exhausting my job? The proposal was realized through the creation of local inclusive networks that mediate the fragility and support forces to enhance the talent of each and promote truly flourishing life design.