Developing planning and evaluation skills using laboratory’s teaching


  • Maurizio Betti
  • Andrea Ciani
  • Stefania Lovece
  • Laura Tartufoli


The achievement of essential skills for teaching professions is a key element in the educational policies of many countries and it also represents an important topic for national and international research in education. Within the framework of Primary Teacher Education degree (University of Bologna), the authors have started a research path focused on laboratory’s teaching effectiveness to promote planning and evaluation skills of future teachers, in a constructivistic perspective. At the moment, we came to the end of the first phase, exploratory and qualitative, that was conducted in a workshop of the second year of the course. Such a phase allowed us to define the ways and tools to investigate teacher expertise in a tutorial. At the same time this outlined the need of integrating experience based strategies with the following practicum, in a longitudinal perspective



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