Digital literacy at university to design Media Education


  • Giuseppa Cappuccio


The increasing digitization and globalization of the media, the broad diversification of media products, with the value-and ethical issues that it raises, proposes and confirms the reasons why media education is to be considered as an indispensable task for anyone involved in education.
Thanks to specific educational interventions and appropriate evaluation tools for self-assessment, future educators should be helped to acquire the appropriate media skills necessary to develop the capacity to responsibly and autonomously choose proper media to design their media education courses.
The media competence enhances teachers’ and educators’ ability to creatively modify learning spaces and to design a variety of stimulating activities in order to promote their pupils’ independent and aware work. This paper describes the research for the development of five digital skills, in the a.a. 2013/2014 with 154 students, in their first year of Education course of the Universityof Palermo. The project has involved, for 60 hours, 154 students attending the first year
of Social Education who have experienced a training methodology for the promotion of media skills necessary to design paths of media education.



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