The Senge’s fifth discipline in schools. A literature review


  • Claudio Pensieri Pensa MultiMedia Editore


The Fifth Discipline (FD) is an advanced leadership and management system ideated in
1990’s, it is a widely used system in the management of business companies and it is object
of continuous improvement. The literature about FD is manifold, but in the education
field it is very poor. This paper aims to provide an overview and to report data of a
review carried out on the ERIC search engine. We have found 73 articles, 40 did not talk
about school or higher education; 31 focused only on the 4 disciplines (personal mastery,
mental models, shared vision and team learning). But they assume that the fulfillment
of the 4 disciplines transforms an organization into a learning organization. Only 2 papers
took into account the FD in its 7 learning disabilities; 5 Rules and 9 system archetypes.




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