Pedagogia Speciale come Pedagogia Inclusiva. Una dialettica istituente tra rischi e opportunità


  • Fabio Bocci



The Third National Seminar of the Italian Society of Special Pedagogy (SIPeS), held on November 27th, 2020, was dedicated to the theme: Special Pedagogy and Inclusive Pedagogy. Identities and differences. This is a very relevant and topical issue, which therefore requires careful reflection, especially to avoid prejudicial predefined positions and identitarian entrenchments. In this contribution, the author, after illustrating the problem and describing the peculiar characteristics of Special Pedagogy, proposes to frame the relationship between Special Pedagogy and Inclusive Pedagogy as an instituting dialectic capable of introducing innovative and generative elements of analysis. In this sense, he takes into consideration what may be the risks but above all the opportunities of imagining Special Pedagogy as Inclusive Pedagogy, an opportunity that he foresees not only for Special Pedagogy but for the whole Science of Education.




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