Disabilità e sessualità. La voce degli insegnanti sull’assistenza sessuale


  • Fabio Bocci
  • Ines Guerini
  • Maria Vittoria Isidori




In the present work the authors analyze and discuss the results of a survey aimed at detecting
the perceptions and opinions of a group of 231 teachers, regarding the theme of the union of
sexuality-disability and the introduction of the figure of the Sexual Assistant. The authors make
a comparison (which does not want to have the character of an experimental statistical comparison
in the strict sense) between the issues that emerged and the results of a previous trainingresearch
experience. This latter involved a group of 200 students of the course of Primary
Education Sciences at “Roma Tre University”. The comparison highlights interesting aspects (such
as, for example, the right of everyone to have a sexual life, the support that the Sexual Assistant
could provide to families and the school itself or the still strong presence of prejudices and
medicalizing practices) around a theme (that of the sexuality of people with disabilities) which
still must be problematized in the research of educational sciences. In this sense, the authors
(convinced that the issue, even in its periphery, burst into the mainstream flow of social
discourses and requires listening, questioning and requesting answers) say they want to further
expand their investigation by involving people with disabilities, their families and other reference
figures (educators and social workers).






III. ESITI DI RICERCA (a. ricerca qualitativa e quantitativa; b. Strumenti e metodologie)

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