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The Journal was born in 2023 from the project and cultural idea of Simonetta Ulivieri, Professor Emeritus of General and Social Pedagogy at the University of Florence. After years of teaching Gender Pedagogy, coordinating "La scuola delle donne pedagogiste" and directing the postgraduate course on "Feminicide and Gender Violence", Simonetta Ulivieri decided to dedicate herself to the further development of gender studies through the promotion and dissemination of research and scientific contributions by scholars at national and international level, with a focus on deepening the relationship between gender and education. Women&Education aims to establish an open and wide-ranging intellectual community within which to develop an intersectional and intergenerational dialogue on gender issues, capable of challenging ideologies and cultural legacies that have long prevented the recognition of human differences and otherness as principles and values of a democratic and inclusive culture and society.


CALL Women & Education 2/2024


Femicide. Definition, analysis and narratives, tools and means of investigation, and educational policies to combat it


Submission of abstract (in Italian and English) to email addresses w&; 30/06/2024.

Response to Authors/Authors for acceptance of contributions: 15/07/2024.

Upload by the Authors/Authors of the full paper to the journal's OJS platform in the Pensa Multimedia journal area to be followed by double-blind refereeing: 30/09/2024.

Languages accepted: French, English, Italian, Spanish, German.

Publication by 31/12/2024.

Regarding the writing of essays, please refer to the editorial standards

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Dalla maternità oblativa alla maternità consapevole

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