Logical Intelligence Enhancement Test: a measure for the evaluation of logical skills in primary school


  • Valeria Di Martino Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Marta Pellegrini


This work is part of a pilot study conducted during 2018-2019 to evaluate the effectiveness of the Logical Intelligence Enhancement Programme (LIEP, Calvani, Peru & Zanaboni, 2019), a program which consists of logical-verbal and numeric exercises to enhance logical reasoning and metacognitive skills of fifth grade students. During this study the Logical Intelligence Enhancement test was developed to measure the effects of the training on the logical-verbal skills. This paper describes the development of the LIEP test, its psychometric features and validation process. For the validation the measure was administered to a sample of 173 fifth grade students in Palermo and Florence. The final version of the test consists of 18 items and includes eight dimensions of logical exercises, such as tables to be completed, numeric series, problem solving and logical inferences.