Family leisure and academic achievement. Perception of the families


  • Mª Ángeles Hernández Prados Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • José Santiago Álvarez Muñoz


In the last years, the interest towards research of leisure and its relation with academic achievement has increased, emphasizing the role of physical activity. However, in less measure, the possible contribution of family leisure in students of Primary Education has been considered. The main purpose of this investigation is analyzing the incidence of family leisure in the real and perceived academic achievement of primary education students. The questionnaire “Family Leisure Activity Profile (FLAP)” has been used as a measure for the real and perceived academic achievement. The questionnaire was completed by 407 families. The results confirm the relation between family leisure and academic achievement, underlining a higher inference with the balance family leisure respect to the core family leisure and, moreover, it results more decisive in the parental perception of academic achievement than in academic marks. In conclusion, it must be more developed this line of investigation in order to design a proposal of training which offer to the families a better exercise of the time of leisure




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