Promote educational success: what is the contribution of Learning Analytics to educational research?


  • Luisa Pandolfi


The notion of educational success is broad and multidimensional and refers to the full
and authentic personal and social realization of students. The European Council in 2018
suggest the importance of providing support to all students for the development of their
skills and resources, including those in disadvantaged conditions or with specific needs.
But in Europe and, specifically, in Italy can we talk about educational success or failure?
The rates of early school leaving are still very high; the scientific literature focuses in
adopting systemic models and interpretations of the phenomenon. The importance of
having data and observable and measurable indicators emerges and, at the same time,
to bring out the perception and the meaning attributed by the protagonists to their experience,
paying attention to the contextual dimensions. The paper explores some
points of intersection between the strategies of intervention and contrast to the early
school leaving, the educational research and the current challenges of Learning Analytics,
in order to outline possible directions of analysis and empirical investigation to improve
the learning processes and teaching, educational practices and contexts.