Newly Qualified Teachers’ reflective writing: analytics and preliminary results


  • Valentina Della Gala INDIRE
  • Giulia Chiriatti
  • Felice Dell'Orletta
  • Maria Chiara Pettenati
  • Giulia Venturi


In this paper, we present the preliminary results of the analysis performed on 50,000
texts written by the Newly Qualified Teachers to reflect on their practice. The Italian Induction
Programme for NQT includes online activities to be carried out in the E-portfolio
managed by Indire. As part of the training monitoring with the aim to evaluate our support
and to improve instructional scaffolding to teachers, we analysed teachers’ reflective
writing mixing a new developed framework for teachers’ reflective writing and
Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. In providing a case study of a large-scale
analysis of textual teachers’ data in an institutional setting, this paper wants to contribute
to the field of learning analytics. We will describe the context, the characteristics of the
data analysed, how all of this has shaped the analytics design. We will describe its implementation
and therefore the procedures, tools and metrics developed to represent
the content of the teachers’ reflective writing, and we will try to evaluate if and how
these preliminary results can help us to reach the research goals and to understand the
strengths and weaknesses of different methodologies.



How to Cite

Della Gala, V., Chiriatti, G., Dell'Orletta, F., Pettenati, M. C., & Venturi, G. (2019). Newly Qualified Teachers’ reflective writing: analytics and preliminary results. ITALIAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH, 187–204. Retrieved from




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