The education of future mathematics teachers: evaluating pedagogical knowledge of content


  • Federica Ferretti Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Andrea Maffia


Classes about mathematics education within the degree in “Scienze della Formazione
Primaria” must work both on the content knowledge and the pedagogical knowledge
of content. Possible strategies to evaluate content knowledge have been deep studied
in the past. It seems more difficult to find suitable data about the pedagogical knowledge
of content. In this contribution we present a task that is aimed at evaluating this aspect
of future teachers’ knowledge. Through an a priori analysis and a first exploratory analysis
of answers, we question the content validity of the task. We conclude that the task is
coherent with the model of mathematical knowledge for teaching by Ball and colleagues,
but there are still some critical issues requiring a modification if we want to guarantee
the content validity of the task.