The pedagogical approach of Service Learning in disadvantaged socio-economic contexts to enhance students’ autonomy and responsibility: the experience of the IC Amerigo Vespucci at Vibo Marina (VV)

  • Stefania Chipa
  • Chiara Giunti
  • Lorenza Orlandini


This research contribution aims at describing an educational experience of Service Learning (SL) realized by the Comprehensive Institute Amerigo Vespucci of Vibo Marina (VV) within the Movement of Avanguardie Educative. The SL protagonists point of view (school principal, teachers, students, community) has studied through semi-structured interviews and specific assessment, self-assessment and observation tools. The paper points out that the SL experience fosters the students development of disciplinary and social skills, the enhancement of their sense of autonomy and responsibility and contributes to the rethinking of teaching and evaluation models.