Work-related learning for students with and without disabilities. A first qualitative data analysis between language and content of the PTOFs

  • Nicole Bianquin
  • Serenella Besio
  • Mabel Giraldo
  • Fabio Sacchi


The Law 107/2015 states the obligatoriness of Work-related learning (ASL) for Italian students attending the last three years of high schools. The ASL proposals are projected according to the syllabus of the school addresses and to the cultural, social and economic characteristics of the area. The present work investigates semantic and linguistic aspects with which the ASL is presented
within the PTOF of high schools in the Bergamo province. With a qualitative data analysis, carried out using the Map of Kerr and the software IRaMuTeQ 0,7 Alpha2, the research highlighted some normative and conceptual references, objectives, resources and evaluation processes with which the teachers define, describe and represent the ASL, a useful tool for the inclusion, social and work, of the pupil with and without disabilities.