How carry out the formative assessment in the grade subjects through the virtual classroom tools?

  • María José Martínez-Segura
  • Antonia Cascales-Martínez
  • María Ángeles Gomariz-Vicente


This work is located in the area of educational innovation and use of technology
tools that offers the University of Murcia from the Virtual Classroom. It shows a proposal, focusing on the teaching process, helps to promote the autonomous learning of students.
This proposal has been in the second year of the Bachelor in Pedagogy in the subject of Biopathology of Disability. Its purpose was to encourage the use of the formative assessment to promote the development of learning in every student. We have used Technological Tools present in the Virtual Classroom.
It shows the action plan carried out by teachers within this innovation experience.
Also identifies the tasks that the student has done to promote the development of their learning. Some results are provided and you will reach the conclusion that the proposal of innovation has enhanced the use of Virtual Classroom Tools.