Health education and innovative teaching strategies


  • Luca Impara


Research in the field shows that there are two phases as regards the issue of health education connected to drug and substance abuse: the first phase is linked to the disillusionment following the fall of the myth of juvenile rebellion, the fragmentation of the roles of school and family and the birth of various criminal organizations; the second is connected to the growth in all social classes
of the use and consumption of hard drugs.
Today the situation is quite different from the past, thanks to a body of laws regulating the prevention, cure and rehabilitation in cases of drug addiction. According to this body of laws, the functions of social welfare are attributed to local authorities and municipalities, that can also be assisted in their aims by collaborating with operators in the field, voluntary groups and numerous social
assistance professionals. The Ministry of Education promotes and coordinates
curricular and extra-curricular activities in schools for students of all grades
connected to health education and information on the damage caused by alcoholism, smoking and the use of drugs in schools.
The Ministry of Education also organizes teacher updating programs on the same issue. The students themselves can participate in all the extra-curricular initiatives promoted by their school, on a voluntary basis.



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