No 18 (2017)

Table of Contents


Indice PDF (Italiano)
Editorial Staff 1-8


Editoriale PDF (Italiano)
Achille M. Notti 9-12


A simplex approach for the organization of space and time in childhood PDF (Italiano)
Ilaria Viscione, Iolanda Zollo, Erika Marie Pace, Maurizio Sibilio 13-24
Health education and innovative teaching strategies PDF (Italiano)
Luca Impara 25-42
Body, movement and educational robotics for students with Special Educational Needs PDF
Paola Damiani, Antonio Ascione 43-58
Manage the sport for an educational development PDF (Italiano)
Davide Di Palma, Antonio Ascione, Francesco Peluso Cassese 59-66
Professional development of university teachers: An experience in an international project PDF (Italiano)
Michele Biasutti, Vassilis Makrakis, Eleonora Concina, Sara Frate 67-82
The teachers’ training and probationary period, the thought of Salerno newly hired teachers: a case study PDF (Italiano)
Marika Calenda, Rosanna Tammaro 83-98


Physical fitness of young Italian students: effectiveness of a 12-week supervised extracurricular training PDF
Alessandro Acella, Stefania Cataldi, Francesco Fischietti, Gianpiero Greco 99-114
Validation and standardization of the Italian version of the questionnaire “How do you feel?” about well-being and ill-being in the lower secondary school PDF (Italiano)
Irene Stanzione 115-130
A classroom that children wish for: redefining the classroom space while honouring primary school students’ voices PDF (Italiano)
Filippo Dettori 131-144
Universal Design for Learning to value differencies: An explorative reasearch considering teachers’ perceptions PDF (Italiano)
Elisabetta Ghedin, Silvia Mazzocut 145-162
Approaches to data analysis in visual education research PDF (Italiano)
Silvia Cescato 163-180
Relationships between self-regulation of learning, motivations and academic success of students. Identifying predictive factors of drop-out risk PDF (Italiano)
Valeria Biasi, Conny De Vincenzo, Nazarena Patrizi 181-198


Librotherapy and dyslexia: beyond the compensatory value of the e-book PDF (Italiano)
Annamaria Curatola, Paola Surace 199-214
Pilates and volleyball: which efficacy on postural stability of individual fundamentals? PDF (Italiano)
Valentina Cerrina, Isabella Scursatone, Chiara Franco, Claudio Scotton, Luisa Pizzigalli 215-224


“The research at Doctoral Schools in Italy. Comparing Doctoral candidates, Ph.D.s and Teachers”: the eleventh edition of SIRD conference PDF (Italiano)
Giovanni Moretti 225-236

ISSN: 2038-9744