From the implementation of the P.I.P.P.I. program to the Guidelines for the intervention with children and vulenrable families

  • Paola Milani Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Sara Serbati
  • Ombretta Zanon


The article presents the national guidelines about the intervention with vulnerable families and their children. Supporting the positive Parenting, approved on the 21th of December 2017 during
the State-Region Conference. The guidelines are the result of many years of work of a National Interinstitutional Board, promoted by the Welfare Ministry with the aim of overcoming the miscellaneous context characterizing Italian Country which, despite areas of excellence, is characterized by gaps and inequities. The same aim guides the Ministry of Welfare in promoting the P.I.P.P.I. (Programme of Intervention for Prevention of Institutionalization). The national guidelines refer to the P.I.P.P.I. in delineating reasons, instruments and contexts of intervention, based on an approach characterized by multidimensionality and interdisciplinarity.