The results of the P.I.P.P.I. program and their impact on regional and local policies

  • Paola Milani Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Francesca Santello
  • Marco Ius
  • Andrea Petrella
  • Sara Colombini


This paper provides a summary of the results of the P.I.P.P.I. program in 4 editions of the program (2013-2017) that was implemented in 109 local authorities with 1.812 children and their 1.537
families.The analysis refers to the achievement of the prefixed goals on the final, intermediate and proximal outcome variables, regarding children’s development, the parental response to child’s needs and the action of services. The paper examines the information gathered by professionals through the tools provided for the analysis, design and monitoring activities in the work with families. With regards to the context where the program is implemented in, the case of the Region Lombardia is shown as an example of integrating the program in the regional governance.