Resilient moves with families in the social ecology between home, services, school, and community

  • Marco Ius Pensa MultiMedia Editore


The paper deals with the ecology of human development by Bronfenbrenner, the definition of neglect in P.I.P.P.I., some contribution on resilience as a way to fight the origins of social disadvantage and its implication in a community-based approach. Within this framework, the paper reflects on the change that occurs when a family is accompanied by the services in order
to understand on the way to promote resilient moves. Particular attention is paid on the service- school-family relationship also by presenting the experience in the territory of Francavilla Fontana as an example of governance that fosters children, parents, teachers, and social professionals participation, and in which service providers play the role of community enablers. Some suggestions for the practice and the policy are highlighted and questions for future development are given.