Co-educate through an inclusive perspective. The RICE project in Treviso

  • Anna Pileri


The action-research project RICE in Treviso is in line with the psico-socio-pedagogical aims of the “International Network of the Educational Cities”, even bringing some tied up innovative aspects due to the specificities of the context. The priority intent of the project is to promote “good inclusive co-educational practices” in the services 0-6 to the harmonious development of children (among nursery-school-city) with particular attention to communication (not only oral) as essential opportunity for the social inclusion and scholar success. Even in the
enhancement and qualification of services perspective, what we intend to realize, according with the city assets, it is to develop practical experiences to promote the inclusion of children engaging their families also with formative support. This assumes further importance regarding migrant families with and in situation of vulnerability.