Didattiche e progettazioni: storie e tracce evolutive verso l’inclusione


  • Maria Antonella Galanti
  • Catia Giaconi
  • Tamara Zappaterra




The stories and evolutive traces that marked the long path toward school inclusion give us today new reads and synergies between Special Education and the Inclusive Pedagogy.
By reminding never to lose the overall vision and not allow fragmented and simplistic visions, authors bring to light epistemological statutes and conceptual evolutions between propulsive and conservative thrusts, general and specialized frontiers.

The contribution aims to delineate new frameworks of reflection for building inclusive contexts.
Authors come together on the individualized dimension and that of the multiple differences of special didactic and on the intersections in the design of an inclusive curriculum. This allows the reader to focus the attention on new levels of reciprocity between the individual and the community, between Special Pedagogy and Inclusive Pedagogy.




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