Dall'Università al mondo del lavoro. Il tirocinio come snodo per l’inclusione lavorativa e sociale


  • Noemi Del Bianco MC
  • Gigliola Paviotti
  • Ilaria D’Angelo
  • Andrea Tarantino
  • Simone Aparecida Capellini
  • Catia Giaconi




The university’s interconnections are played out through interlocked layers – from research to education, to the socio-economic role. The university participates in networks both in business and social services at the territorial level and contributes to local development and well‐being. Concerning the inclusion of people with disabilities, it can play a significant educational and social role within a territory: in addition to supporting enrolled students, it can be a hosting partner of traineeships co‐designed and co‐managed with social services. The paper reports a case study on Social Inclusive Traineeship activated by the University of Macerata in cooperation with local social and health services institutions. It analyses the process and activities needed to implement inclusive environments and presents the achieved outcomes for those who are not higher education students, but are part of the university's community at territorial level. Findings highlight the relevance of the experience for the construction of the professional and social role of the intern. Conclusions stress the need for further research and joint work within the scientific community to strengthen the capacity of univer‐sities to implement inclusive practices with the territory and activate networks through meaningful traineeships.