Dialogo tra Pedagogia Speciale e scienze mediche: forme ed elementi


  • Antonello Mura
  • Antioco Luigi Zurru


The unceasing definition of the idea of inclusion makes meaningful the need of a dialog between Special Pedagogy and others medical sciences. The Special Pedagogy’s thought about disability
and identity processes refers to a clarification of the health themes and the concrete conditions in which individuals accomplish their own experience.
By “re-reading” the ICF and focusing the attention on the role of personal factors, both the risks of reification can be avoided, and an authentic expression of the existential dimension can be attributed. Although arduous to index, as the background of individual life, personal factors represent a scientific field in which to establish the dialog.
The distance between epistemic perspectives does not arrest research in order to outline forms and elements of a dialog, able to recognize and to enhance both subjectivity and factors that concur
to developing the disabled person’s identity.






I. RIFLESSIONE TEORICA (a. incontro con la storia; b. questioni epistemologiche)

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