Minori stranieri tra resilienza e adattamento scolastico


  • Anna Maria Murdaca
  • Annalisa Morganti
  • Patrizia Oliva


The purpose of this study is to highlight the psychological, educational and social difficulties presented by foreign minor students placed in primary and secondary schools of the first degree in the province of Syracuse. Specifically, the relationship between factors such as anxiety, depression, resilience and behavioral and emotional problems was assessed, and how this relationship is modified according to age and time in Italy. Additionally, it was evaluated if these factors differ between group of accompanying children and not accompanying children and between those attending inclusive schools vs not inclusive schools. Sixty-five non-EU minorities participated to the study. The results showed the school’s difficulty in practicing inclusion, in many cases perpetuating not functional patterns of integration. It seems as though the teachers are still unclear how an inclusive climate is created, which is not solely based on language education programs, but rather in a differentiated use of methodological/didactic strategies that affect the whole sphere of personality dimensions and emotional processes, in order to avoid risk conditions and dysfunctional development trajectories.




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