Pedagogia speciale e pedagogia dell’inclusione. Tra identità e differenze


  • Anna Maria Murdaca
  • Roberto Dainese
  • Silvia Maggiolini



This contribution is part of a wide debate aimed at promoting reflections on the contributions of special pedagogy and pedagogy of inclusion in order to enhance and harmonize differences. We intend to propose a reading key that, through the analysis of some theoretical paradigms on issues such as citizenship, diversity and limit, questions the identity and the difference in concept between special education and inclusion pedagogy. It can be said that the two lexical expressions, in a mirror perspective and with an interconnected vision, try to decode human development, its evolution, its vulnerability and / or potential: these aspects require incisive political‐educational actions to achieve that kind of social justice, value in place, inherent in inclusion. It is therefore an effort to reconceptualize, to revisit semantics that, in light of national and international literature, becomes added value and transversal to build a generative welfare: this horizon that stands as a backdrop for a new ethical intentionality, aimed at defining operational hypothesis to manage the new and many conditions of diversity with a critical commitment, continuously attentive to personal and contextual change.




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