Percorsi di prevenzione del disagio e di promozione del benessere professionale dell’educatore al nido. Prospettive di intervento pedagogico e psicologico


  • Silvia Maggiolini Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Elena Zanfroni



Nowadays, wellbeing at work continues to increase in importance for employees and employers and across countries in order to encourage the individual motivation, the professional performance and to promote company’s quality. In Italy, the law 81/2008, in relation to the Europe Agreement October 8, 2004, establishes a new requirement for all companies: the assessment of “all risks to the safety and health of workers, including those for groups of workers exposed to particular risks” and the subsequent adoption of improvements. In literature, there are many studies that analysed the risk of burnout for care or social workers and for teachers. However, there are few studies - particularly in Italy - focused on this topic in early childhood professionals (0-3 y). Based on this theoretical framework, CeDisMa (Research Center on Disability and Marginality-Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano) carried out a long-term study focusing on the analysis of personal and organizational factors that could influence the professional wellbeing in early childhood care settings.




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