Nuovi orizzonti di ricerca in educazione speciale: le sintesi di sintesi


  • Francesco Marsili
  • Annalisa Morganti
  • Giuliano Vivanet



Overviews of reviews are methods used to conduct a review to integrate results from multiple
synthesis. The aims of these methods are to inform, on the basis of evidence, professional practice
and the development of the scientific research. Their relevance in the international research
is proved by a growing publication of "secondary studies" (systematic reviews, meta-analysis,
etc.) that are the essential core of the overviews. Furthermore, there is a growing application
and a theoretical reflection on these methods in all the fields of educational research, while the
debate in Italy appears less mature. In this contribution, therefore, the theoretical and methodological
bases are introduced, the implications for educational professionals and the main critical
issues discussed, within the framework of international debate on evidence-based education
and special education.






II. REVISIONE SISTEMATICA (a. meta-analisi; b. Evidence Based Education)