Riformare il sostegno? L’inclusione come opportunità tra delega e corresponsabilità


  • Marina Santi
  • Giorgia Ruzzante


The educational delegation and the issue of co-responsibility are the central elements around which revolve the arguments that are presented in the paper. The debate on the specialist teacher for the support with respect to training and future role is still under way, but beyond the developments that will be on the topic, it is useful to reiterate forcefully the principle of “educational shared responsibility” and “ does not delegate. “ The delegation can be avoided through the inclusive attitudes, attention to contexts, the tools to monitor the inclusion (Index for Inclusion and Commitment towards Inclusion Repertoire1), ie by reading the proxy phenomenon as an effect of a deficit in inclusive cultures, policies and practices. The paper proposes, moreover, an epistemological perspective of school inclusion, considering the inclusive education an didactics as a real opportunity to change the ethical and political aims of our society.






I. RIFLESSIONE TEORICA (a. incontro con la storia; b. questioni epistemologiche)

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