Se l’inclusione sfida il sostegno: note a margine di un percorso formativo


  • Marina Santi


The paper presents one shared education experience realized in North Italy during 2014, aimed to rethink the concept of inclusion in a “community of inquiry” setting. The participants – the pedagogical coordinators of Pre-Schools area and persons in chief of Trento Childhood Service – were involved in a common reflection about the priorities that inclusion determines in the school contexts, trying to better define roles, meanings, and goals of specialized teachers as “contextual factor” in children’s project of life. The training project, born to optimize the use of addicted human and material resources requested by “special educational needs” of children with disabilities, became an opportunity to redefine the importance to abandon a view of inclusion as subject centered process, to explore a new approach which is inspired and aspires to a bio-psycho-social interpretation of teaching and learning function in school environment. An interesting agenda emerged as shared inquiry process activated among participants, useful to orient new agency proposals in schools, services, and community.