The diaries and drawings of Jewish children and their affective dimension: a historical-comparative survey


  • Carla Callegari Pensa MultiMedia Editore


Since the 1990s, there has been a notable increase in the publication of the diaries and graphic and pictorial productions of Jewish children and adolescents who experienced the impossible ordeal of life in the European ghettos and the drama of deportation to the death camps.
These diaries are written by young people of various European nationalities who were intent on surviving the brutal conditions of everyday life, holding on to their humanity and their feelings despite living in countries where racial prejudice was endemic.
The purpose behind the historical and comparative study of the volumes examined, which will highlight the historical context of Nazi-fascist Europe on the one hand, and personal forms of resistance on the other, is to show how reading this material can help children and adolescents of today to reflect on their feelings and reactions, and consequently provide a valuable affective/emotional educational tool.