On a singular case of c.d. legitimate defense


  • Cristiano Barbieri Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Ignazio Grattagliano




Technical advice or expertise in self-defense matters is a rather rare occurrence. Taking the cue from a case that came to the expert observation in the era prior to the issue of the current regulatory provisions on the matter, the authors propose a series of reflections on some aspects of criminological-clinical and psychopathological-forensic relevance urged by the case in question. Central is the need to focus on the organization and functioning of the conscience of the actors of the expert affairs because it arises as the main anthropological device responsible not only for our way-of-being-in-the world, but also for the relationships of implication between a certain way -to-be-in-the-world and the rules of the world itself. The avoidance of this important object of analysis runs the risk of making erroneous technical judgments, because they have been conditioned by epistemic vices and methodological reductions.