Il contributo dei cortometraggi animati nella concettualizzazione della disabilità e nella promozione dell’inclusione. Esiti di un’indagine esplorativa


  • Andrea Fiorucci



Over the years, the relationship between audiovisual languages and representations of disability has been extensively investigated, as well as the contribution offered by these languages to teaching and training has been put to the theoretical and empirical analysis. In this complex and prolific field of study, the paper focuses on how the specific category of animated short films becomes a vehicle for the representation of disability and a medium for the consolidation and dissemination of a culture of inclusion at school. The contribution offered by animated short films to teaching for inclusion was investigated in the light of a re‐search path that put into dialogue the perceptions and points of view of a group of students from the University of Salento on the degree course in Science of Primary Education (SFP) and the Specialization course on support for disabled pupils ‐ VI cycle (CSS). The research path was developed around two distinct phases: 1) elaboration of an audiovisual review on disability and difference; 2) analysis of 6 short films on disability and relative analysis of the perceptions of a group of CSS specialists.  




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