Gli atteggiamenti degli insegnanti verso l’inclusione e la disabilità: uno sguardo internazionale


  • Andrea Fiorucci Università del Salento


The processes related to acceptance and inclusion of disabled person permeate and characterize the school contexts, acting, consequently, on the whole educating community.
Specifically, the paper aims to explore and describe the teachers’ representations and attitudes about disability and inclusion, providing a photography of the paths and research instruments that characterize the international scientific debate.
Numerous researches examine, on the one hand, teachers’ reticence towards a model inclusive school, on the other hand, they represent the prodromes of a cultural change that is revolutionizing
suddenly the world of education.
Teachers’ attitudes are a complex and extensive cognitive capital: they represent both a thermometer that indicates and records the change, and the cultural humus within which it may find acceptance
and implementation.






II. REVISIONE SISTEMATICA (a. meta-analisi; b. Evidence Based Education)