La valutazione del giocattolo per i bambini con disabilità: la versione italiana del TUET – Toys and games Usability Evaluation Tool


  • Nicole Bianquin Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Daniela Bulgarelli


This paper presents the TUET – Toys and games Usability Evaluation Tool, designed by Costa, Perino & Ray-Kaeser (2018) and translated into Italian by Besio, Bianquin & Bulgarelli (2019). Such tool
allows to evaluate the usability of toys by children with visual, hearing and/or upper-limb motor impairments, through the analysis of the objects by an adult who well knows the intended user’s characteristics. The paper discusses the theoretical frameworks, the structure and the procedures of the TUET. The implications for its use in educational, familiar and manufacturing contexts are
presented as well.