LUDI – Play for Children with Disabilities: l’interdisciplinarietà a supporto di un nuovo modello di intervento per il gioco del bambino con disabilità


  • Nicole Bianquin


The LUDI project is an interdisciplinary network for children with disabilities and involves a hundred of researchers and professionals from different European and non-European countries, related to various scientific disciplines. The project has the ambition to create a new and autonomous research and intervention field and to spread awareness on the rights of the child with disabilities, ensuring
equity in exercising the right to play. The goal of the network is to gather the various professionals that revolve around the theme of play for child with disabilities, by bringing together the various disciplines and establishing a constructive dialogue between them in order to reach definitions, knowledge and shared skills. LUDI has developed the theme from four closely related research themes: play in relation to types of disability, tools and technologies for the play for children with disabilities, play inclusive contexts and users views (children, families and associations). The Action envisaged the deepening of each of these domains in terms of existing knowledge and active research projects, and subsequently created new interdisciplinary knowledge, formulating original inquiries and innovative research and intervention courses.