Is obedience still a virtue? An Italian research during COVID-19 pandemic


  • Guido Travaini University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan
  • Palmina Caruso University of Milano
  • Maria Michela Dickson University of Trento
  • Giuseppe Espa University of Trento
  • Isabella Merzagora University of Milan (Italy)



The authors examine some criminological theories that explain adherence to the rules, and in particular those that have been used to account for whether or not the rules imposed or proposed to contain the contagion from COVID-19 are considered. Then, they show the results of their own research, carried out by interviewing a sample of 1,004 Italians using an online questionnaire. The aim of this research: understand who complied with the anti COVID-19 measures and, if so, for what reasons. If the given answer was no, the authors asked the respondents the reasons why them didn’t. After showing the results, the authors discussed them comparing theme with other similar
researches made abroad, underlying also the emerged limits. In conclusion, the authors propose their own thoughts on the subject.