Condotte aggressive ed antisociali nell’infanzia e nella adolescenza: alcune riflessioni cliniche e psicopatologiche


  • Ugo Sabatello
  • Et Alii


In Childhood and Adolescence, conduct problems and antisocial behaviour are largely widespread and the most common
reason for referral to public and private mental health professionals. Aggressive and defiant behaviour is not pathological
itself, but is part of normal functioning, particularly at some specific ages, and a component of human nature. Therefore, deciding when aggressive or antisocial behaviour needs clinical intervention is a challenge, especially across developmental
stages when the plasticity of mental functioning has an impact on the fluency and instability of the diagnosis. In this paper,
we are going to consider psychological, emotional and interpersonal features of children and adolescents displaying a psychopathological conduct, beyond behaviour and acts, which, according to a clinical perspective, could be more useful and
should address effective interventions.