Il trattamento dei disturbi di personalità nel setting forense e sue applicazioni nello scenario italiano


  • Brunella Lagrotteria
  • Et Alii


Our present work represents a review of the scientific literature currently available on effective psychotherapeutic treatments
for mentally ill offenders. What has come out from the review of the scientific literature on effective treatments focused on
this specific subpopulation is the necessity of highly integrated therapeutic interventions that have to me administered in synergism by different health professionals and community services. Specifically literature states that it is essential to differentiate the forensic patient treatment plan (meaning both psychiatric and penal rehabilitation, antisocial behaviours, prevention of psychiatric and antisocial relapses, intervention on relapse risk factors, work opportunities..) on at least two macro levels: one mainly “institutional” community based, that implies a network cooperation among different services, what we call an enrollment in a community program (both clinical and judiciary) and the other one strictly “clinical” focusing on psychosocial, psychological (and psychotherapeutic) interventions that involve patients themselves and, when possible, their relatives. This paper will introduce a first section on available community treatments literature data and a second one focused on effective psychotherapeutic interventions that are currently suggested for mentally ill offenders. The theoretical frameworks taken into considerations belong to the most valuable and experienced authors on treatment and assessment of forensic psychiatric patients.