Incels: between mass murders and terrorism?


  • Palmina Caruso Pensamultimedia
  • Isabella Merzagora
  • Guido Travaini



In recent years there has been a significant change in the implementation methods and ideological substrates of mass murders; a phenomenon that has affected both the United States and Europe. A specific movement stands out for its peculiarities: the "Incels" community, unknown to most and which has raised little interest in the academic world. This work aims at deepening the knowledge on this phenomenon, the underlying ideology and the personological characteristics of those who consider themselves "Involuntary Celibates". Starting from the analysis of the literature on the subject, which is still rather scarce today, an attempt has been made to understand the criminogenesis and crimino-dynamics of these actions, reporting and commenting on case studies so far connected to the movement, analyzing the fundamental role played by social media and that of hypothetical preventive strategies.