Evaluation, management, intervention and treatment of urgencies / emergencies and self and heteroaggressive acting out. An integrated teaching experience in criminology with the contribution of different institutions


  • Angiola Di Conza Pensamultimedia
  • Michele De Palo
  • Angelo Torchiano
  • Andrea Lisi
  • Ylenia Massaro
  • Federico Puleo
  • Carmela Sportelli
  • Ignazio Grattagliano




Starting from an experience of training in the field, declined differently from the usual didactic canons, implemented with the collaboration and integration of different subjects, (University and Arma dei Carabinieri), and addressed to students of a degree course in clinical psychology, the The authors report the need for profound and radical changes in the educational profiles and in the educational organization for psychologists as well as for all socio-health and educational professions. In this case, the focus of reflection and intervention concerned the evaluation, analysis and interventions related to the management of aggressive actions towards health workers. The centrality of Criminology as a science and discipline that can offer the methodological and technical basis and also in terms of con-tent, for the forensic part of the aforementioned socio / health and educational disciplines is reiterated.