Recognize violence: a kaleidoscopic view


  • Ilaria Roveda Pensamultimedia
  • Aurelio Oddo
  • Valeria Franco



It is scientifically proven that the acts of violence against the female population are statistically more frequent than those against the male one. However, one cannot ignore the existence of a percentage of the male population that suffers them. This article aims to investigate the topic of the violence suf-fered and provoked by men in the intimate relationships. The starting point is the assessment work re-alized in England, where the phenomenon has been studied for years by the RESPECT® organization. Starting from a gender perspective, enriched by the studies on the theory of attachment, the awareness and the perception of violence are defined as central elements of the change work, with the perpetrator and the victim. The authors also suggest integrating the model cited above with the Circular Model of Victimization – Revisited, elaborated by Prof. Marco Monzani.