The reception of the new arrival as a baseline of the individualized treatment project


  • Fabrizia Brocchieri
  • Elena Galliena
  • Giacinto Siciliano



As part of the projects financed by Lombardy Region named Support measures for the working inclusion of the persons subjected
to sanctions of the Tribunal, the Coop. Soc. Officina Lavoro Onlus has designed and implemented a project that aims to favour
the early engagement of the prisoners that enter the Milano-Opera penal institution after being sentenced by final judgment.
This action complements the already existing reception activities. In this article it is described the designed and tested system
of reception that gives the Penitentiary Administration detailed information about the new prisoner and allows formulating
a first hypothesis for an individualized treatment. This system arises both from the screening of the rules regulating the reception
phase and from the observation of the procedures and tools already used in the Institutions, especially in Milano-