Children and sorts: a research-intervention for primary prevention of juvenile deviance. The contribution of criminology


  • Susanna Pietralunga
  • Ignazio Grattagliano
  • Michele Lalla
  • Maria Bologna



Article describes a primary prevention intervention on juvenile deviance (construction of an Educational Charter for young
people and sport) based on the results of an empirical research concerning the carrying out of sports activities in a town near
Modena. The research was carried out through questionnaires given to childs aged 7 and 11, and collected data on the most important
factors affecting the development of the minor who live in this specific territory, also in the context of sporting activities.
In fact, sport is able to transmit positive values and sporting practice can enhance the qualities of minors and create an environment
suitable for promoting the enjoyment and well-being of young people, especially in the presence of well prepared instructors.
Here are presented the first data obtained from the research, which indicate an important change in the organization and
function of the family (which today has less ability to exercise their roles independently), and also sports associations. Both are
currently called to carry out new complex educational tasks, of great importance in the prevention of juvenile disease but also
burdened by difficulties deriving from the actual moment of transformation of social culture.