Retrospective analysis of a case series of violent stalkers


  • Chiara Sgarbi
  • Giorgio Mattei
  • Arianna Sinisi
  • Francesca Gallocchio
  • Silvia Ferrari
  • Gian Maria Galeazzi
  • Laura De Fazio



Stalking is often complicated by violent acts, which can be severe or even lethal. We analysed data collected in 2010 for the
“Stalking and Risk of Violence” project, summarized in a database of 59 cases of stalking resulting in severe violence. A descriptive
analysis and uni – and multivariate logistic regression analyses were carried out on the sample, in order to identify factors associated
with severe violence. The univariate analysis revealed that substances abuse, previous convictions, threating behaviours, a
low level of education in the stalker were often accompanied by a violent outcome. The multivariate analysis showed that
previous contact of the stalker with mental health centres was associated with substance abuse, lurking and the homicidal outcome
of the stalking. Further research is needed to confirm these findings in prospective cohorts and to take them into account in
prevention programs.